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Proud to Sponsor Two Local Football Teams

Hathern FC and Shepshed Dynamo FC, both cornerstones of the local football scene and known for their passionate fanbase and competitive spirit, have received a sponsorship boost from Bradburys Global Risk Group to support their existing development and future progress.

Speaking on behalf of Bradburys, Managing Director, Andrew Blount emphasised the importance of investing in local sports teams. “As a company deeply rooted in this community, we recognise the vital role sports play in bringing people together and fostering a sense of camaraderie. By sponsoring Hathern FC and Shepshed Dynamo, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of these two loved and well-established clubs”.

The support provided will help with various expenses which are crucial for the smooth functioning of both clubs and the partnership between Bradburys and the two local teams symbolises a shared vision for community development. Both Hathern FC and Shepshed Dynamo have expressed gratitude for the support, highlighting the positive impact it will have on their operations and underscores the significance of local businesses in driving positive change and fostering a strong sense of belonging within communities.

Oliver Pycroft, Business Development at Bradburys added, “The sponsorship of both Hathern FC and Shepshed Dynamo FC reflects the company’s commitment to fostering community spirit and promoting grassroots sports development and we look forward to enhancing the level of our support to both clubs”.

Hathern FC

Hathern FC are a Charter Standard football club playing in the Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division. The team's home ground is Pasture Lane, Hathern, Leicestershire.

Shepshed Dynamo FC

Shepshed Dynamo FC play in the Northern Premier League - Midlands, and play at the Dovecote, Shepshed, Leicestershire.

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