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Bradburys and the Good Business Charter: Building Success Through Diversity

A diverse, equal and inclusive culture is imperative for a business to continue to thrive because it puts its people at the heart of its operations.

The Good Business Charter, an independent not-for-profit organisation with a mission to encourage and recognise responsible business practices, spoke to Bradburys Global Risk Group CEO, Roger Marshall, to find out how committing to the Good Business Charter’s EDI component has helped the company and its employees.

Bradburys Global Risk Group is committed to being an inclusive employer, what have you implemented to ensure your workplace is diverse and everyone feels valued?

“At Bradburys Global Risk Group, we recognise the power of a diverse workforce in the security and risk management sector. By drawing on a variety of professional and personal backgrounds, beliefs and cultural perspectives, we enrich our team and enhance our ability to drive positive outcomes for clients and stakeholders across global time zones.”

“To transcend mere box-ticking, we have implemented several ongoing initiatives to foster inclusivity. These include comprehensive diversity training programmes that promote awareness and appreciation of diversity, covering topics such as unconscious bias, cultural sensitivity, and inclusive language.”

“Our recruitment practices are designed to attract diverse talent through methods such as blind recruitment, diverse interview panels and guaranteed interviews for qualified applicants with disabilities. Additionally, our mentorship programme pairs new hires with experienced mentors to provide personalised guidance and support, ensuring all employees feel encouraged in their professional growth.”

“We are committed to challenging industry norms, particularly in advocating for greater female representation in a traditionally male-dominated field. Our efforts include supporting initiatives like the United Nations Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality and actively participating in the UN Global Compact, where we report annually on Human Rights to set and achieve progressive targets. Through these actions, we aim to create a more balanced, forward-thinking workplace and industry.”

What has worked particularly well, and have you had to overcome any hurdles?

“Our diversity training at Bradburys Global Risk Group has significantly raised awareness and understanding amongst all staff levels. By addressing unconscious bias, we’ve fostered a more inclusive and respectful culture. Additionally, our diverse recruitment practices have successfully attracted top talent from various backgrounds, notably including former service personnel and individuals dealing with physical injuries or mental health challenges. However, overcoming obstacles such as resistance to change and ingrained biases within the security industry has required persistence. Maintaining our focus on inclusivity goals required sustained effort, continuous education, and refresher training on inclusive behaviours.”

“To tackle these challenges, we’ve employed strategies such as regular communication and implementing accountability measures, which have been crucial in overcoming hurdles and promoting a culture where diversity and inclusion are embedded in our core principles. While there are ongoing efforts required across the business, the progress thus far has been encouraging, and I am especially proud of our team’s dedication to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.”

Founded by Julian Richer, founder of Richer Sounds, the UK’s hi-fi retailer, the Good Business Charter is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a mission to encourage and recognise responsible business practices.

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