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GlobalAssist™ Extends Reach & Capabilities for Non-insured Travellers

We understand that certain travellers such as extreme sports and adventure travellers, Humanitarian Aid Workers or businesses with personnel operating within politically fragile or hostile environments require a higher level of coverage and flexibility than that usually offered within standard travel insurance products.

Some insurance policies may include in-country transfers to the nearest medical facility but may not support onward medical transfers or repatriation to the policy holder’s country of residence, this often leaves the traveller being required to pay additional, and sometimes over-inflated travel costs in order to return home via appropriate medical transportation or risk remaining in situ within an unfamiliar healthcare setting thousands of miles from home.

To support you, GlobalAssist™ now offers its Medical and Security Assistance, Evacuation and Extraction response to travellers who find themselves requiring support due to inadequate insurance cover or lapsed policies.

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