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Our Planet Priorities

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We recognise the impact that businesses activities can have on the planet and are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in every area of our operations.

Through innovative solutions, continued commitment to reducing our ecological footprint along with making responsible choices, we are focused on being a part of the global movement towards embracing planet priorities for positive change where sustainability is at the heart of our corporate ethos.

Committed to creating a positive impact and a sustainable future, by:

Minimising the consumption of resources
Developing responsible design
Reducing carbon emissions
Reducing waste generation
Sourcing and using sustainable materials
Conserving energy and water
Increasing delivery of environmental sustainability training for employees
Undertaking environmental analysis
Educating personnel about environmental standards
Ensuring high and sustainable standards throughout the supply chain

Our Planet Goals

Develop and roll-out an Environmental Toolkit to support the Environment Management System and integrated assurance programme
Identify further opportunities for improving energy efficiency through feasibility studies within the security and risk sectors
Accelerate in raising further awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through a programme of monthly themed initiative
Operating a entire paperless system
Introduce environmental awareness and responsible action training upon induction to the company with annual refresher training
Implement a cycle to work scheme
Increase employee engagement in the implementation of our environmental policy
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